There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel, And It's Not Looking Like A Freight Train Anymore


As many of you are aware, Premier Kenny has made the announcement that we are preparing to re-open Alberta. This will occur in several stages, massage therapy being in Stage 2. I'm sure you have many questions, some of them I can answer now, some will have to wait until I get specific direction, and some I can make an educated guess as to an answer. I will say, this is not going to be an easy process! Just as there was a lot of confusion around the time that we shut down, there will be a lot of confusion now, but I will do my best to guide you through it!

When Will I Be Open?
I don't know, yet.  Stage 1 is set to open May 14th, and it takes a minimum of 14 days to determine if there's going to be a spike in infections. This being Calgary, a major hotspot, it may take even longer than that. I am paying attention to our current numbers, and how our curve is looking. We do NOT want to re-open too early, as that will trigger another lock down, let alone putting you at risk!  I also have to negotiate with my landlord, as I may need to use a different room than the one I am currently in. I am anticipating a possibility of opening for July, but, that is only a guess at this point!

What Changes Will There Be To The Treatment And The Room?
Because we still don't have a vaccine, herd immunity, or, really, an effective treatment, there will be a LOT of changes to both the room, and the treatment itself! I may need to change to a different room that does not have carpeting. I am looking at getting a HEPA air purifier. I will need to change my open shelves to cabinets with doors, and pare down as much as I can - as it all needs to be disinfected between every client! I already had pretty strict cleaning protocols, you will now be able to use it as an operating theater!

I will also be using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Final word has not come down, yet, but, an educated guess would be a mask, eye protection, and a smock or apron. All of which will need to be cleaned between every client. I am also going to be asking you to wear a mask, as well, whether it's officially required or not. My mask protects you, but your mask protects me.

Is It Safe To Get A Massage?
I will be honest with you. We don't have a vaccine, or a real treatment. Flattening the curve was about ensuring that we didn't have so many critically ill patients that it overwhelmed the health care system. We have reduced the curve, which is fantastic! We have also increased our hospital capacities, so that they can handle a spike in the curve, if it happens. There is still a risk of transmission with getting a massage. I will do my best to reduce that risk as much as I can, and I would encourage any of you who are at higher risk really consider what the risk:benefit ratio is before making an appointment.

  • If you are not comfortable with the risk, don't come in.
  • If you have any kind of illness, even a minor cold or allergies, or if a member of your household does, don't come in.
  • I give you my guarantee that I will NOT treat you if I am feeling at all under the weather.

As always, I never charge the late cancellation fee if you need to cancel last minute because you are sick. I will extend that to include any reason that you feel that you might have become a vector - such as someone in your household having a cold. You do need to send me a quick email to let me know, though.

I hope this has answered your most burning questions. As I know more, I will keep you informed. Please follow my page on Facebook, as that is an easier place to do quick updates. If you have a concern, please let me know! I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can!

We're almost through the worst of this!

Stay strong, stay healthy!


Kim Umphrey, RMT
Owner, Inglewood Massage